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Constellation Australia [Real-time, Unity]

This is a real-time version of a piece previously made for a client. The original render can be found here: .
My goal was to recreate in Unity (as faithfully as possible) my previous artwork rendered in Arnold. This posed many challenges and served as a learning experience in a lot of ways.
The materials were recreated in Shadergraph, and camera animations were done using Cinemachine.
The ground shadows were baked in Maya using Arnold, and brought into Unity. For a while, I tried using Unity's progressive lightmapper for the ground shadows. However I found I was able to achieve better results, quicker by baking the shadows in Maya, and letting the progressive lightmapper handle all other shadows + global illumination.
Overall, considering how long the original artwork took to render, I'm happy with the result.

Constellation scene running real-time in Unity.